The CEO Equity Concepts entertainments Rowland Okorie has expressed his profound gratitude to the President Mbaise Europe Hon Kingsley Ajunwa Njoku , Chairman 2023 convention planning committee Essen Germany Ogbonna Nobert Chukwunyere Chikeruba, Godson E.Buma Mbaise NRW Muiheim an der Ruhr Germany and the entire board of directors, Executive members and organising committee members of their 4th Mbaise Europe Convention for the overwhelming anticipation accorded to Project NWAFOR Igbo.

Speaking at a press briefing, he expressed joy at what he termed home coming to the powerful gathering of who is who in Mbaise Europe slated for 24th to 26th of August 2023.He went ahead to recall discussions he had with the Mbaise Europe secretary in the person of Mr. Emmanuel Njoku and Vice President, Chief Wise Ibeji who had expressed their unwavering support for Project NWAFOR Igbo. Okorie pledged to use his wealth in media to support the organisation through his international media contacts and placements.

Mr Okorie also analysed similarities between both projects as he calls them mutually rewarding and strategically timely as the ‘Mbaise Europe also known as “Mbaise Europe” adopted the symbol of “a clenched human fist, as LOGO” to represent the common heritage, brotherhood, unity and the harmonious relationship. With the mission to organize meetings, demonstrations, various activities and to find her people in Europe for mutual aid and humanity. Mbaise Europe is established for the express purpose of fostering a broad social, cultural and economic interest of Mbaise people, such as promoting all activities related to the unity of Igbo, Nigeria mostly of Mbaise citizens.

While Project NWAFOR Igbo on the other hand has adopted a massive Letter N embedded with vector images of Igbo signs and symbols and dramatically wears a native isi Agu cap. Project NWAFOR Igbo’s mission is to mark the visible line of Igbo emancipation and mass business exodus back home. It herades the carrion call to all well wishing Igbos to return home and build their towns, villages and businesses.

MR Okorie is the Global Leader of Project NWAFOR Igbo, we must continue the gospel of the project in order to synergy support that is highly needed and we must revise the entire nation to look towards Igbo lands for their next hub for business activities. Igbo states will be where Nigerians and other African nations desire to do business.

Just as Mbaise Europe propagates and preserves the culture of Mbaise, educating and informing her people about matters that affect or involve them, Project NWAFOR Igbo’s blueprint looks at the entire igbo race holistically. We champion and improve the welfare of our people by bringing in investors into igbo land, by improving our entire security architecture as we go into high profile negotiation and project execution with the government to protect lives and property, by upgrading the environment to look like morden 21st century with look alikes right aesthetics and infrastructures.

Rowland Okorie also reminded Mbaise Europe of their statement on their global website where the organisation seeks to sponsor and encourage on an ongoing basis all protocols or activities that enhance the unity, culture, education and empowerment of Mbaise citizens.

Project NWAFOR Igbo is that project that will encompass everything good for Ala-igbo. Recalling the words of the President Mbaise Europe Hon Kingsley Ajunwa Njoku who said the project is most welcomed because from its mission which is to heal and rebuild Ala-igbo and infuse investments to make our land more productive, it has come to compliment any good governance.I support this project and will make sure that with all the resources at our disposal we will make Ala-igbo great again.

Rowland Okorie:

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