Grace Nation: The Basis of Christianity is All About Jesus Christ – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: The Basis of Christianity is All About Jesus Christ – Dr Chris Okafor

…. What differentiates You from Others is the Spiritual Fireworks in you

…. Grace Nation begins worship in the 20,000 Seat Capacity Auditorium

God cannot trust anyone with some certain dimensions of his blessings to a person he didn’t trust or who is not rooted with spiritual fireworks.

This and more were part of the basic Highlights pointed at while Speaking on the Topic “DEALING WITH SPIRITUAL LAZINESS” Lead Pastor Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor said the basic bane of backwardness in Christianity is the Spirit of Laziness, this spirit will not allow you grow or to achieve meaningful things therefore you must be disciplined with your time, Learn how to devote your time to the presence of God for you to defeat the spirit of Laziness.

The Generational prophet of God also remarked that every christians must be rooted with prayer to Break out of the Crip of the spirit of Laziness, saying the most important activities of a Christian is Prayers, if you have no prayer life, you have no spiritual life because nothing grow in the feet of a Lazy man, the man of God said Consistency is a technology of the spirit.

Explaining 3 major ways to be deployed to defeat the spirit of Laziness , the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said Discipline is one of the major ways, because when you are disciplined in the spirit, you allow things of the spirit to Superide things of the flesh in your life, The Apostle of altars says Discipline is a critical tools that helps you subdue the request of the flesh and strengthen your spiritual life.

Dr Chris Okafor also mentioned intentionality and organization, saying when you are organized, plan your ways under the supervision of the Holy Ghost, you become more than Victorious and the spirit of Laziness is defeated, therefore you also need character to maintain spiritual gifts to fight spiritual Laziness, character and maturity is also important in a spiritual gift, your commitment to the vineyard and reaction to the things of God are the basic tools that will free you totally from the Spirit of Laziness, the Basis of Christianity is All About Jesus Christ, the Generational prophet of God declared

Testimonies upon testimonies filled the air at the Special partnerships Glorious service of Grace Nation international service, Testimony of how God remove Kidney stone from a Man, who was prayed for by the Generational prophet of God two weeks ago, and after the declaration he was directed to go and carried out another test, after the test was done, the result reads No stone in his Kidney, it’s disappear miraculously, also testimonies of How God uses his Servant to delivered a woman from the strong personality in her family that vowed that except she died before the lady can be free, and According to her words, she died few days after the woman was prayed for, so so many Miracles at the service, a lost womb was replaced with new one, God averted an accident planted to remove a man, the projected Accident was turn back and the man who sent the arrow was involved in same Accident and died, it was a day for Miracle babies, God releases over 70 miracle babies to awaiting mother’s at the Service.

It was indeed a breaking News for all the Grace Nation citizens across the Globe, the reason Is not far fetched, it is because the 20,000 seating Capacity church auditorium has been completed and the first service was held inside the ultra Modern 20,000 capacity church Auditorium on the 3rd September 2023, indeed a breaking News,

We used this medium to congratulate the set man, the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor and all the citizens of Grace Nation worldwide on this new achievement, More Grace to all citizens….

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