Cologne Mighty Visitation: For Any Pattern to Continue, It Must be Empowered By a Spirit – Dr Chris Okafor

Cologne Mighty Visitation: For Any Pattern to Continue, It Must be Empowered By a Spirit – Dr Chris Okafor

…. Cologne Germany on Fire with Mighty Miracles

The City of Cologne Germany is currently on fire with the powerful hand of God as the Germany Invasion of Mighty Visitation conference recorded mighty testimonies as the Conference put together by Chris Okafor world outreach ministry COWOM enters Day 2.

Day 2 of the Prophetic conference Cologne Mighty Visitation recorded mind blowing testimonies, deliverance, healing and solution all to the glory of the lord.

Day 2 of the conference is more brutal with creative miracles, ancient altars holding people bound give ways, while family patterns were cancelled and rewritten.

Speaking on the Topic Mighty Visitation with subtitles “Breaking the yoke of Yesterday” Convener Chris Okafor world outreach ministry COWOM and Senior Pastor Grace Nation worldwide Dr Chris Okafor Declared that you are the products of yourself and when you are dealing with the yoke of yesterday, you must be determined and be very vigilant not to fall into those pits through marriage or relationship, the Generational prophet of God said if you marry a man of woman under the spiritual control of yoke of yesterday, definitely you will inherit same battle because you get married to person under the spell.

Explaining ways to be deployed to be free from the yoke of yesterday, the Apostle of altars Dr Chris Okafor said lies is one of the bane of yoke of yesterday, you must come to the spiritual understanding of what to do particularly to shun the spirit of lie, when you lies, it might be hereditary, this will keep you bound in the yoke of yesterday, but when you face this spirit of lies, you break out.

The Man of God also remarked that you must get out of your evil ways of life, you must deal with the yoke of yesterday squarely or it will consume you.

The Generational Prophet of God said Fasting and prayers is good but it cannot take away the place of Covenant therefore to break out from the York of yesterday you be ready to pay a price in a way of Partnership with God for him to stand for you in the days of Need and for him to break you out from the yoke of yesterday Dr Chris Okafor remarked.

The Realms of the Prophetic witnesses the Raw Power of God in Action, God uses his servant Dr Chris Okafor more than before to dymestify so much Misery, exposing the acclaimed strong men in families, misery keeping ladies in a certain family from getting married was broken and ladies in that family were set free, also family altars keeping people inheritance were destroyed as there glory were returned.

Many mind blowing testimonies were recorded on day 2 of the conference,. The Cologne Mighty Visitation conference continues on 10th September 2022 with the same Venue in Cologne Germany.

If you missed the first two days another opportunity awaits you on 10 September 2023, If you attend your life will never remain the same,….

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