Ambassador Emmanuel Njoku make Nigeria Proud at the United Nations

Ambassador Emmanuel Njoku make Nigeria Proud at the United Nations
*Speaks on how technology can help build a healthcare

  • Also establishes Health Care solutions in Nigeria

The Quality Leadership and achievement of Ambassador Barrister Emman Njoku continue to soar higher even as the delectable and the vibrant society was at his best self when he spoke in UK during the the United Nations on how to technology can help build a healthcare
The event which has in attendance the Mayor of New York Eric Adama saw the audience given Ambassador Njoku a thunderous ovation as he rounded up his speech on the needs to build a technology that could help build a healthcare
The philanthropist who was given an award at African Achiever 2023 organized by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. the AWARD which came in wake of many international Award given to this highly and well vast Man confirmed his philanthropists way , given the fact that this young man has established a lot of health care solutions in Nigeria and the world. And recently he just launched the life above 100 plan which has received a lot of kudos from societies within Nigeria and beyond

known for his visionary Leadership, exemplary Humility. Exceptional philanthropy and dedicated Services to Humanity, which have been acknowledged and felt beyond the boundaries of Africa.
And as he is been globally recognized, appreciated and celebrated as a great Achiever.

And when asked how he felt representing his country in such a prestige ceremony , the ever jovial handsome man stated that his best is yet to come and he is still yet to do what he intends to do both for his constituency and his country as a whole
” I always tell people that my life is narrow to making people happy which i have been doing nicely. Me representing my country in international event speak volumes of my determination to be a good representatives and and a good ambassador for my country and my Africa continent “

Njoku a Nigerian of international repute stands out as an ardent advocate for humanitarian causes. His selfless dedication has positively impacted numerous individuals within his constituency and beyond.

As a consummate and dedicated executive with an exceptional entrepreneurial mindset, Njoku has consistently demonstrated his prowess in various sectors.

, “I do not consider my accomplishments to be significant. There is so much more that I aspire to do for my people and I constantly strive to make a meaningful difference in their lives.” A trailblazer, innovator, and motivator, Njoku possesses exceptional academic credentials and a distinguished professional background, commanding a prominent position in the global business landscape with ventures spanning multiple continents.

Notably, the Emma Njoku Foundation has supported various projects, including the 2021 School Intervention held on December 25,2021, known as the ” Back to School Program.” Furthermore, it organized the Easter Intervention in 2022, alongside numerous other initiatives aimed at making a lasting impact in the community.

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