Grace Nation: Not My Head Not My Blood Conference begins with Heavy and Mighty Declarations

Grace Nation: Not My Head Not My Blood Conference begins with Heavy and Mighty Declarations

….Without Grace Your Truth becomes a lie..okafor

The major Assignment of a strong man in any family is to carry out negative Assignment that will affect Generation yet unborn in the family and transmit the evil assignment from one Generation to another.

Speaking while officially declaring the 4 days Prophetic Family Liberation conference Not My Head Not My Blood, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide, Dr Chris okafor welcome all and sundry to the Prophetic Gathering saying this year’s edition of the conference will specifically address how to tackle, deals with various strong man in various family.

The Generational Prophet of God who Teahes on the Topic “”Dealing with the Strong Man”” said every strong man has a goods stolen and the goods they stole are the inheritance of the People.

The Man of God Emphasised that you cannot inherit what is not available, only what is available can be inherit, therefore because the devil understand and know the value of the people, he is determined to work tirelessly to ensure that People’s goods are stolen saying the devil know how to topple people’s inheritance and collect them, it is now left for the People too to develop another strategy to tackle him, and one of the ways a Christians can use to challenge the devil is to deploy the blood, that is, altar for altar.
Dr okafor reiterated that when you deployed the blood, the blood speak Power and consume the strong Man.

The Generational Prophet of God continue that in some family no matter how committed to duties or how educated they are, the strong man in such family take over there possession,take over there store house leaving them empty, all there inheritance is kept in the coven, therefore to deal with the Strong man in the family, the Apostle of altars say Your prayer life must be very sound, you must understand the Principles of Prayers and how to deploy them at a given time, he remarks also, that most importantly your altars must not lack oil, You must be a giver to the kingdom of God, it is what you work for that will in return work for you the Apostle of altars concluded

The Day 1 of the conference witnessed deliverance,Healing, Prophecy, Miracle and solution,

Day 2 of the conference more brutal, the service will begin by 7am on 28th September 2023, same Venue. According to the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor Day 2 will be more unique because God will visits villages, homes and altars with his Powerful hand of Deliverance, Come with your love one, God of Grace Nation is sets to break you out from the hand of the strong man in your Family.

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