Grace Nation Thanksgiving Service : The Mighty You Become The More they are Looking for your Head – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation Thanksgiving Service : The Mighty You Become The More they are Looking for your Head – Dr Chris Okafor

….Don’t give your enemies unnessesary attention

To maintain and feed on your Faithfulness you must stop referring to what your enemies does, give priority to what Elohim has done in your life because your faith put you in same class with Elohim.

Teaching at the special thanksgiving service of the just concluded Prophetic family Liberation conference Not My Head Not My Blood the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said when you give the devil much attention, he will capitalized on that background to continue to attack your Head.

The Senior Pastor of Grace Nation world-wide who is teaching on the theme of the Conference, Not My Head Not My Blood ” They will Not Cut Off My Head” a case study of John the Baptist said if any head must be attacked, it should not be the head of John, knowing fully well the Personality of John who baptise Jesus Christ.this is to tell you that the devil is not a respectant of Personality.

The Apostle of altars also Emphasised that the devil will not look for you when nothing is on your head, his target is to tackle people going to higher place, so the devil is specifically looking for people with destiny, you therefore needs to work it out, there is always a demand in the spiritual realms before it manifest physically, if the devil can demand for the head of John the Baptist you must be ready to face is tricks and work it out to escape from his trap.

Highlighting ways for you to escape the demand of the devil over your head you must always give thanks for whatever Elohim has done ,the Man of God said thanksgiving is an application for more, when you give thanks by testifying to the Goodness of God, his Protection is bounded over you.

Also Your faith empowers you to break out from the traps of the devil, when you believe in your God and did not give the tricks of the devil any chances all his plans and tricks appears as dead on Arrival. Therefore Prayer place you a step ahead of any plan of the one that needed your head. When you praise God his glory fall down and your Head is protected from the reach of the devil, the Generational Prophet of God submitted.

The Special thanksgiving service was well attended by Grace Nation citizens in Nigeria and across the Globe, Faithful from the US, Australia, Denmark,Spain,France, Ivory Coast ,Ghana, Benin republic just to mention but few were physically presence at the service, While Praying for a safe journey back to there various destination, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor declared that the blessings received at the conference will be evidential in there Life when they get back to the destination, Dr Okafor also prays for the online participants too, he said whoever has been part of the 4 days Prophetic conference will have evidence to show for it

Diverse kind of miracles, Deliverance, Healing and Solution were recorded at the service, evil altars Manifest physically, confessing and releasing the captives, also Miracles babies were released to all awaiting mother present at the conference including those that join through the Liberation TV and through all Grace Nation social media handles.

In his closing remarks the Generational Prophet of God declares that by this time of Next year, testimonies of miracle Babies, various breakthrough, Promotion, foreign benefits will be so much evidential that God himself in Heaven will be so happy about the 2023 conference.

Various thanksgiving offering, Possession and Praise songs signed out the 2023 Edition of Not My Head Not My Blood conference.

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