Project NWAFOR Igbo Handshakes Black History Month 2023

Project NWAFOR Igbo Handshakes Black History Month 2023

Equity Concepts Entertainment boss, Rowland Okorie is set to take the Republic of Ireland by storm with his history making initiative, Project NWAFOR Igbo.

Project NWAFOR Igbo will imprint its footprints on the soil of Ireland and history of mankind as the dreadlock Global President will be presenting two papers during the education seminar and interactive session titled: “Project NWAFOR Igbo, Positioning For Greatness and Africa, Plugging Into The Global Economy.”

Rowland, in a short interview with us makes bold to say that making racism history is the best theme for this year’s event.

According to him; “It simply means inhumanity to man by man and it is a scourge to humanity that manifests in various forms. Over in Nigeria racism has two kids namely tribalism and marginilsation and the Igbo tribe has suffered this for years.”

Rowland said; “The only way we see forward is economic emancipation and this can be achieved via alliance with other freedom and forward looking nations.”

Part of the programmes lined up for this year’s Black History Month are lectures, exhibitions, performances and educational activities which are just a small selection of things taking place as more events aim to explore a myriad of topics, with a focus on art, literature, activism, politics and music.

These activities are a fantastic way for visitors and participants to improve their knowledge of Black History Month whilst promoting the important event.

The overarching goal of Black History Month is to enhance understanding, conversations and awareness of Black history, as well as the ongoing struggles that Black communities are faced with.

“Project NWAFOR Igbo’s unavoidable presence at this year’s event will mark the visible line of partnership as we plan to network with our brothers on the Irish soil,” says Rowland Okorie.

“We plan to use them as a point of contact to give us insight into the realities in Irish communities. As you know there is no where in the world with a thriving economy that you will not see an Igbo man.”

Rowand continues; “Just like AIDI the organisers of Black History Month, Project NWAFOR Igbo is proactive and made up of young and dynamic detribalised Nigerians from South-East with and Igbo lovers who are ever ready to see the Igbo race return back to blazing the Spirit of Enterprise.”

“We are open to learn and share ideas on anything that will promote social enterprise and the Black history month provides the soil for such growth.”

“It’s really important that Black history is celebrated and understood with sensitivity and care, and the next generation should also learn about the struggles that Black communities experience, as this can mean that little ones are more aware of issues such as racial inequality, diversity and inclusion.”

Rowland Okorie:

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