Covenant Day of Settlement: When You Serve Him, He pays Your Bills – Dr Chris Okafor

Covenant Day of Settlement: When You Serve Him, He pays Your Bills – Dr Chris Okafor

….. you are God Ambassador immediately you are Redeemed

Not until you are committed to the kingdom, there are some dimensions of Blessings you might not be opportune to enjoy, but immediately your name is registered through you commitment to the things of the kingdom then you will enjoy all the goodies, why because what you are not committed to, cannot be committed to you.

Speaking at the covenant Day of Settlement at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide situated in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Generational Prophet of God and Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor declared that you must become a soul winners to be Redeemed ,when you are Redeemed the gate of Breakthrough will be open on to you and you will restore all your lost glory therefore becoming successful in whatever you do.

The Generational Prophet of God who was teaching on the series “Foundation to Redemption” clarifiers that whatever you are not committed to cannot be committed to you. You must show concern about the kingdom, whatever is happening in the kingdom you must be involved. The Man of God said Redemption begins with your involvement in the kingdom, you are God’s Ambassador immediately you are Redeemed.

The Oracle of God also remarked that when you are Redeemed, there are certain kind of blessings, higher dimensions of Blessings that you will enjoy and settlement that you will continue to enjoy.

Highlighting ways, how God redeem his children, Dr Chris Okafor said God redeem his children by making them to locate there prophet, immediately you locate your Prophet and you listen and Hacken to their instructions, basically you will be Redeemed and settled
He also said when you take part in kingdom commitment with your substance and also be a soul winner, you are redeem and settled the Generational Prophet of God explained.

Power changed hand during the Realms of the Prophetic at the service,Heaven kiss the Earth with, deliverance, healing, Restoration and mind blowing testimonies filled the air,
The most interested testimonies was the family re-united , a couple who was at the edge of divorce met God through his servant and they were settled and reunited, The Generational Prophet of God citing the Holy Bible to address there case, he read 1 Corinthian 7:5 and prayed for the family and the peaceful life the couple has miss for some years came back all to the Glory of God.
Also God break and destroy spirit of insanity on a young Man who received instant healing after God visited him, through the Generational Prophet of God who prayed for him,he was delivered.
Another man was saved by God, he was supposed to be arrested in an Hotel while the service was going on but because his brother was in service, and quick intervention of Elohim, his brother was located ,prayed for and was instructed to go and bring his Brother to church and that was how is was save from arrest, his brother was his saving Grace.

Miracle babies were also given to awaiting mother, as many gave there Life to Christ and some rededicate there Life depopulating the kingdom of Darkness while populating the kingdom of God.

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