Miracle Unspeakable at Grace Nation Midweek Prophecy,Healing, Deliverance and Solution service

Miracle Unspeakable at Grace Nation Midweek Prophecy,Healing, Deliverance and Solution service

….. willingness is what reacts to the Power of God – Dr Chris okafor

The Midweek Prophetic Healing, Deliverance and Solution service of Grace Nation which began on emotional and spiritual Sagacity by the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor who wept Profusely while Praying and making prophetic declaration metamorphosed to another dimensions of mind blowing deliverance, miracles, healing and profiling Solution to many case file located at the service, the man of God open fire, Practically mandating angels on Assignment to returns people inheritance stolen by the devil and the presume strong man of there family.

The Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide also known as the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor went straight into the realms of the Prophetic immediately he mounted the exalted altar of Grace Nation deploying angels to position themselves, delivering parcels to faithful.

Mystery were demistify as God uses his servant to address issues keeping people, which medically incurables,The Generational Prophet of God went as far as going to villages, Towns, altars with his Prophetic wings to set the lawful captives free. Wealth stolen through the family altars were returned as many recieve there international travelling Visa, just like that, to mention but few.

In his words of exaltation, the Generational Prophet of God told faithful that, the way they reacted to the directive given by God through it servant determined there willingness on how they will receive the power of God, when you are well position and willing within you to receive the fire of God, with your reaction, You gave God a go ahead to release the needed power you need to forge ahead and be restored at all side.

More than 29 miracle babies were released by God at the Midweek Prophetic Healing Deliverance and Solution service which Coincide with the Annual Liberation Men Convention, the 3 days powerful Liberation Men Convention is a gathering of all Men in Grace Nation world-wide with the soul aim to Promote Unity among Men and also envangelised to Win more soul to the Kingdom of God.

The Liberation Men convention continue tomorrow 26th October 2023 with Impartation seminar, symposium, Training and Empowerment. Also there will be International Night of Prophecy and Solution (Night vigil) by 8pm till you Breakthrough.

The 2023 Liberation Men Convention will be rounded up with a special thanksgiving service at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide situated in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria. all Liberation Men are expected to be present to receive fatherly Blessings from the Man Of God, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor who is the President of Grace Nation world-wide.

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