Grace Nation: You must be involved in the Kingdom Business to Enjoy Last Minute Miracles – Dr Chris Okafor.

Grace Nation: You must be involved in the Kingdom Business to Enjoy Last Minute Miracles – Dr Chris Okafor.

The major reason why lot of people failed in what they do is simple because they did not involved God, when you failed in what you do, or you are in a state of hopelessness, God can show up in as much as your partner with him through your commitment and service in his Kingdom.

Speaking at the Sunday Glorious service of Grace Nation aka Liberation City at the international Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide better known as the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor while speaking on the Topic , Activating the last minute Miracles said when all hope seems lost and nothing to fall back to, Mercy of God will show up to people who are Partaken in the Business of the kingdom.

The Generational Prophet of God said participating in the Business of the kingdom is not only when you sow seed, pay your tithe or covenant offering but when you Participated in Promoting the words of God, he said when you wins souls for God you are doing the kingdom Business, when you commit your Physical strength into the kingdom you are doing the Kingdom Business.

When you consider your position as the Last and commit your self into the things of God, Miracles happen and when such miracle happen, it becomes the talk of the day, because when all hope are lost and eventually Elohim intervene, God activate your last, minute and miracle together , it Metamorphosised into Last Minute Miracles

Therefore to activate your effort, commitment for a last minute Miracles you must participates in the Business of the kingdom, when you work with God, he also partner with you in all you do and you will enjoy is unending Blessings.

Testimonies of how God visited one of the Sons of the Prophet with a twins after waiting unto the Lord for so many years filter the service, God is still in the Business of Doing Miracles, restoring Lost Glories and delivery the Less Privileged among his children.the Generational Prophet of God confirmed.

Also so many people under the bondage of the evil Strong man in many family were broken, God used his servant, the Generational Prophet of God to breaks Barriers, Stop evil plan attack and restore People back to their initial position, God also remember awaiting mother’s with Miracle babies.

Meanwhile the Generational Prophet of God also declared that for all Grace Nation Citizens across the world as the year is gradually going to the end no Grace Nation citizens world-wide will die by Accident, The Apostle of altars also pray for the Government of the Day for God divine intervention over the Political and Economic situation of the Country.

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