Grace Nation @ 20: There is a Condition that gives You Access to the Spirit of God – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation @ 20: There is a Condition that gives You Access to the Spirit of God – Dr Chris Okafor

…..Until you become a soul winner, you will be limited

Grace Nation international aka Liberation City is 20 years old, the church that started in a Primary school Premises 20 years ago has now Grown spiritually to the Glory of God to become what many see as Big Congratulations and has also become Holy Mountain of Blessings,Miracle, deliverance, answered Prayers ,healing and Restoration where people around the world visit and God answer them as they make request, it is also a cardinal place where Prayers are answered and in many occasions the hopeless witness the strong hand of God upon this life.

As part of the celebration of this Mountain of Miracles and Restoration a 3 days Prophetic Program started on the 30th of November 2023 – Dec 3 at the international Headquarters of church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Welcoming Citizens of Grace Nation world-wide to the Anniversary, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide popularly known as the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor made a Prophetic declaration, Saying as we all come together to celebrates 20 years of Glory, Blessings, Breakthrough, God faithfulness upon Grace Nation, celebration will never ceased in the house of all Grace Nation Citizens, He said God has been so faithful to Grace Nation and all it’s citizens world-wide that is the reason for the Celebration.

In his sermon on the theme of the Program, “Higher Life Dimension” with subtitles, (They that Knows their God shall be Strong and Do Exploit) said you can only do exploit by the Spirit of God upon you, the Generational Prophet of God also remarked that to do exploit you must be ready to serve your lord God with the spirit of Truth, God is not looking for anyone but those that worship him in truth and in spirit, He said serving God in truth and in spirit makes you powerful and gives you more power to do Exploit in extra ordinary dimensions by the help of the Holy spirit therefore Preparing you for Higher life dimensions.

The Man of God continue that until you become a soul winner, you limited from gaining Higher life Dimension, meaning if you want to do Exploit you must be a soul winner, until you torches the heart of God, God cannot torch your heart and problems but when you torch his heart ,he torch your heart too for a higher life Dimension and when God visited you, everything about you, around you change for better and you become a blessing to all, even to your Nation,the popular Lagos Prophet Concluded.

The powerful hand of God was evidential at the service, God came down Mightily with his hand of deliverance, restoration and Healings. God used his servant the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor to break barriers, evil family patterns, destroyed network of the devil over Businesses, Talents, and marriages. Miracles babies were not left out as many awaiting Mother’s received there own miracles.

The 20th Anniversary celebration of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City continue on Friday Dec 1,2 and on Dec 3, a special thanksgiving service will be held to Appreciate God faithfulness over the Church, the Set Man and his Family and the entire Grace Nation family world-wide…

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