Zambia Mighty Visitation: It takes Instructions to Eliminate Destruction – Dr Chris Okafor

Zambia Mighty Visitation: It takes Instructions to Eliminate Destruction – Dr Chris Okafor

….Zambia on fire as Dr Chris Okafor shakes Indola with Miracles

There is No building that will stand without a strong foundation, because the way your foundation is, dictate the kind of structure that will be erected on it, therefore to separate yourself from unGodly patterns, your way of life must be Christ-like to change family patterns.

Speaking at the Day 2 of the ongoing The Mighty Visitation conference in Indola Zambia on the 6th of December 2023, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor said until you understand how your family met themselves in a bondage, else you might not understand how to get out of such Patterns.

The President of Chris okafor world outreach Ministries COWOM and Senior Pastor Grace Nation international aka Liberation City,Dr Chris Okafor who was Teaching on the Topic “Dealing with unGodly Patterns and ancestral altar’s ” remarked that God righteousness Endureth for ever but somebody started the patterns and somebody must surely change or end the Pattern. The Man of God said , God’s Power is available to change all situation but the major problem according to the scripture is and I quote, My People Perish for the Lack of Knowledge, when you enquires about the source of your Problem and you work it out by Prayers and sacrifice, You will change the Pattern and all ungodly altars in your life will give way. Therefore to deal with ungodly Patterns and ancestral altars you need knowledge, acquire wisdom through Prayers and make sacrifice, (i.e) altars for altars, when you apply this pattern, the lesser power bow down ans the higher power take charge, cause it takes Instructions to end destruction, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor affirmed.

The Mighty Hand of Elohim was evidential at the conference with Mighty Miracles, Almighty God came to town with his healing and Restoration power, addressing people’s case file ,profiling instant solutions, family were Liberated and re-united, wedding Gown were giving to Ladies, New jobs, key to Building, car key, Travelling document were handed over to Participates just to mention but few.

Deliverance from evil altars, changing of family pattern, death sentence, Marital battles Cancelled and miracles babies given to awaiting mother’s, all this took centre stage at the day 2 of the mighty Visitation conference taking place at the Exquisite Brides Opposite Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola Zambia.

Also testimonies of how God visited a Man after the day 1 of the conference remains a big misery, the young man as testify suddenly lost his travelling document just like that, he was billed to travelling this December but lost his paper, But because God of Grace Nation is at work, the man testify that immediately he got home after the day 1 of the Zambia Mighty Visitation conference, God directed his spirit to the specific place the Documents was hidden, he retrieve the documents and he is ready to proceed on the journey as commanded, it can only be the God of Dr Chris okafor,the young Man joyfully testify.So many miracle took place, God uses his servant,World famous Prophet Dr Chris okafor to settle scores and set the Lawful captive free.

The Zambia Mighty Visitation conference continue on 7th December 2023, at same Venue by 4pm. If you miss the two day, don’t miss the third day because The Day 3 will be more brutal and Prophetic in nature, God will demystify misery, he will expose the acclaimed strong man in your family, if you are in Indola and environs , kindly make a date with God through his servant The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor, and as you pray with him your life will never remain the same….

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