2024 Prophecy: Dr Chris Okafor warns

2024 Prophecy: Dr Chris Okafor warns,

… Economic Melt Down Might begins from March 2024, if Prayers are not done

…Rate of Crime will Increase due to serious, Unbearable hunger

…I saw so many Grasses in Africa Nations, in Particular, Nigeria Drying up.

….Prayer Can turn things around if we all come together as one to Pray, Men of God has done there best so far..

Popular Lagos Televangelist Clergyman Popularly known as the Generational Prophet of God,who is also the Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor has rolled out (part one) Prophecies revealed to him by God for the year 2024.

The Man of God said he saw so many Green Grasses in some part of Africa Nation Particularly Nigeria, those Grasses were drying up, showing no life in it. The Generational Prophet of God also revealed that he saw serious economic melt down, total breakdown, the Economy was so unbearable for Nigerians to the extent that the rate of Crime increases so bad, He said from the revelation,the Economic meltdown will begin in the month of March 2024, but if Nigerian can come together to Pray and cry unto the lord for intervention, his mercy over the land can intercede and change the Narrative.
The Man of God who was quick to warn Nigerian against Negative comments when God unravel misery through it’s Prophet said , Nigerian Prophet has done there best in delivering the Message but it’s left in the hand of Nigerian to be united and pray against what is expected to happen, God reveals to redeem. if God show Nigeria mercy Year 2024 can be the best year in the history of the Nation, but we must all work it out for this supernatural Hand of God to rest on our Nation the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor declared.

Earlier in his sermon at the Midweek Prophetic, Healings, Deliverance, and Solution service PHDS held at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

The Generational Prophet of God who teach on the Topic “Aborting the Demonic Pregnancy” said not until you encounter divine Intervention for the unexpected to happen.

The Apostle of altars said if the demonic pregnancy is not aborted, same evil patterns will continue, he said why many Christians keep repeating same patterns of how there parents leave a life of Poverty, barrenness, life of Failure is because the old wine skin is still in their blood but immediately the demonic pregnancy is aborted, a new life full of Glory will be evidential.

How do you aborts Demonic Pregnancy, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said to abort Demonic Pregnancy, you must be ready to fight the battles through Prayers and Sacrifice, he said if you sacrifice blood for blood on the right altars, evil or demonic Pregnancy will be aborted, the man of also highlighted that when you partner with God with your substance, you are indirectly telling God to fight your battles and When God takes over your battles, Every Dominic Pregnancy will be terminated and your Glory, breakthrough will show forth, every things you lay your hand upon will be successful the man of God remarked.

Diverse kinds of deliverance,Healing, restoration and Miracles was recorded at the service, God visited some faithful with there travelling Document to travel abroad,while some take up there wedding Gowns, New job, A new Car and House key were also giving to those with high expectations,some took there miracle babies as there last minute Miracles from God as the year wine down….

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