True Life Story: Grace to Greater Grace Story of Nigeria Successful entrepreneur Dayo Johnson aka King Papichulo 1

True Life Story: Grace to Greater Grace Story of Nigeria Successful entrepreneur Dayo Johnson aka King Papichulo 1

Anything God cannot do does not exist, except if you do not believe, God can change the story of any man at anytime, he can even move on an unexpected way because he his God.

When God is ready to visit you, he visit in an uncommon, unexpected way, this is the story of this True Nigerian Man, a Successful entrepreneur in South Africa, God visited him, today he is a successful entrepreneur with so many Companies under his Leadership.

When successful entrepreneur of Nigeria origin is mentioned in South Africa, he is one of the leading Figure because he has paid his dues, most importantly he believes in Jesus Christ the father Almighty.

We are not talking of any other Person than Mr DAyo Johnson Popularly known as King Papichulo 1, Chairman of Papichulo Guest House, Papichulo Automobile and other subsidiary, He has created a good name for himself in South Africa.

His journey to stardom was not smooth at all, his determination to make it in Life, Encourage him to achieve his goal in Life, today the rest is history because he is made and he will continue to expand.

When Dayo Johnson was leaving the shore of Nigeria in 2011 for a Greener pasture abroad, specifically South Africa, he was fine though but with great determination to achieve his goals, immediately he landed in South Africa, he was left with just 180 Dollars to Carter for his feeding, Accomodations, miscellaneous expenses, but because he believes in God, who has been his supporter and Guardian began the journey to what has Metamorphosised to what is known today as Papichulo Groups of Company with so many conglomerates across the Globe.

Sharing his true life experience this successful entrepreneur said God has been so faithful and kind to him, because many of his mates who are ahead of him then, are looking unto him now because God has shown his Mercy, the successful journey that stated with just 180Dollars can now boost of Millions of Dollars all Glory to the Almighty God, Mr DAyo Johnson Popularly known as King Papichulo 1 remarked.

King Papichulo 1 is a socialite per excellent with fear of God, his Hospitality and Automobile Business remain one of the best in South Africa, A devoted Christian and a responsible married Man is blessed with wonder children.

Watch out for king Papichulo 1 in 2024 for more land breaking business exploit, He is making Nigeria proud with his various contributions towards the Nation Economy Growth.

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