Grace Nation: It’s take Spiritual Activities to Deal with Demonic Activities – Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation: It’s take Spiritual Activities to Deal with Demonic Activities – Dr Chris Okafor

….Dr Okafor Celebrate Loyal and Dedicated Son, Pastor Sylvester Nwaneri as he marks Birthday

One of the fundamental Principles you must take note as a Christian is that you must not rest in your Prayer Life, so that the Enemies will not use that opportunity to attack you.

This is the foundation raised Today ,the last Sunday of 2023 at the Divine Intervention Breakthrough service at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

Teaching on the Topic, Aborting Demonic Surprises, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide also known as the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor says the Enemies strikes ,when they understand that you have relax, Enemies are joy killer, the Man of God also remarks that to avoid the enemies to kill your joy, a solid structure must be put in place to defend you at all time, The Man of God further stated that when you put a structure in place it keeps you away from any unexpected attack. And the moment the enemies understand that you are battle ready for them they withdraw and disappear in your life.

Highlighting how a demonic surprises can be aborted, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris okafor said first of all you must be determined and be ready to abort all their evil plans, when the enemies confirmed your Prayer Life has increases drastically they withdraw, therefore, this will give you opportunities to abort Demonic Pregnancy. To this development you and your family will be free indeed,

Also when you ensure that there is no loophole in your life, it will be very difficult for the enemies to gain access and take undue advantage, therefore when your Prayer life increases and no any loopholes that can attract Demonic surprises, Every projected evil pregnancy will not see the light of the day, Dr Okafor concluded.

The realms of the Prophetic took a new dimension, with Diverse kind of Deliverance, healing , Miracle, restoration and solution. God came down Mightily settling different case file of People.

Meanwhile it was a day to celebrate with the dedicated,Loyal and humble Senior Son of the Prophet, The Resident Pastor, Grace Nation international Headquarters Lagos, Pastor Sylvester Nwaneri who added another year today the 31st December 2022, This loyal Son was eulogies by his spiritual father, Dr Chris okafor who describe him as the most trusted Son, who has never given him sleepless nights nor headaches, Dr Chris Okafor said since the inception of Grace Nation church Pastor Sylvester has been a dedicated soldier, trustworthy and a lover of the church, The Generational Prophet of God Prayed for him and his family declaring upon him that Almighty God will continue to shine his blessings upon him, his family and the Church as a whole.

From all of Us, Dr Chris Okafor Media Loyal Friend, we wish Pastor Sylvester a wonderful Birthday.

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