Edo Youths Warn Oshiomole from imposing candidate on them

…reminds him not to make the mistake of 2020

The youths of Edo State has called on former Governor Adams Oshiomole, now a Senator of the Federal Republic to shun the idea of imposing candidate on them. This is coming on the heels of the ex-President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, allegedly fingered in the imposition of Hon. Dennis Idahosa popularly known as Denco, one of his commissioners while serving as Edo state governor.

The youths of Edo State who are presently clamouring for better governance, are hell-bent in rejecting any imposed candidate on the ruling party All Progressives Congress (APC) for the forthcoming election. They all knew the political antecedents of Senator Adams Oshiomole who represents Edo North Senatorial District at the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly and the powers he wields as a political stalwart in Edo State, hence their resolve in challenging any of his imposition moves which they vowed, will never be effective.

The youths urged Senator Oshiomole not to replay the episode of 2020 when he imposed a candidate on them to the democratic detriment of the state. They reminded the Senator that his emergence as Governor of Edo State was never through an imposition, so why would he decide to imposed candidate on the state and knowing full well that the youths make up the larger number of voters in the state, it is left for Oshiomole to hearken to their calls or risk tarnishing his political integrity and dignity. Edolite youths know what they want, they know the kind of leader and leadership they crave for and they know the kind of democratic governance they desire. It is however, not a responsibility of Senator Adams Oshiomole to decide for the youths in particular and all.eligibld voters of Edo State in general.

The youths of Edo State have come out enmasse to relay their wings, express their desires and make it known to parry leaders and chieftains that imposition of candidates on indigenes and residents of Edo State is completely rejected. Recall that Edo State has been blessed with different political giants of national and international repute, but these distinguished personalities never imposed candidates on the stage during electoral periods and this is what the youths want Oshiomole to emulate. The Senator should embrace the philosophy of political and electoral transparency for the stage to move on democratically. Edo State had been so maladministered by past administrations and this is the time, everyone must wake up to elect new leadership that will enact and initiate sporadic development projects in the state, strategize on massive human empowerment and give the state, a comprehensive leadership with exclusive ingenuity.

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