– Prophet I.O. Samuel explodes
Spiritually endowed minister of the gospel, Prophet I.O. Samuel has released some bombshells about the current scorching situation of Nigeria. Speaking recently to the media, the emphatic soul winner called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to act fast before things got boomeranged in the nation, saying that he saw a wild fire threatening the peace and tranquility of the country from the Northern hemisphere to the South East and down towards the South West adding that there will be a massive protest by hungry and angry Nigerians if drastic steps are not taken.
Prophet Samuel urged President Tinubu to urgently reform the country’s security apparatus and at the same time do something about Nigeria’s economy. He noted that the high rate of kidnapping, killings and robbery bedeviling the country is unwarranted, destructive and highly condemnable, adding that he saw great resistance by Nigerian citizens if Mr. President did not act on insecurity while also expressing his opinion that men of the Nigerian Armed Forces including the Army, Airforce, Navy as well as are military agencies like the Civil Defence etc., are not in happy mood with the president’s current administrative strategies.
The bold and outspoken Prophet was quoted as saying that “The rate at which prices of goods and services are skyrocketing is outrageous and alarming. Fuel, water, bread, gas and food stocks are all at very high prices for an average Nigerian and the poor masses. Today some people eat babies and little kids are being sold on the streets for N1 million per boy and N500,000 per girl child. Young adult girls are now massive on the streets begging for any amount of money even as low as N500 in exchange of their bodies while the male counterparts are involved in devilish crimes like kidnapping people for ransom, raping virgins and innocent girls and later kill them even after collecting ransom while many youths are dropping out of schools for lack of finances. The situation of Nigeria as at now is not a joking matter anymore. Our hospitals are empty with no equipment to treat patients, electricity is in shambles amongst others.”
Prophet I.O. Samuel also added that how can Nigerians survive in a nation where leaders are busy buying bullet proof SUVs; Cars, Yatch and Private Jets, renovating old structures and houses with borrowed billions of naira, throwing owanbe parties all over and all sorts of senseless activities. He stressed further that “Online blackmail is now trending. Even Mr. President himself is not safe. He should work on insecurity and economic reforms as Nigerians did not celebrate this last Christmas and New Year yuletides with joy. People just managed to eat the little they can afford. The boat of Nigeria is sinking on daily basis and everyone is keeping silent. The naira is fast approaching N2000 per dollar, flights are not operating normally because of high rate of jet fuel. No market price control on the system.”
He urged Nigerians to go into farming and all kinds of commercial production and not just consuming as a nation. Prayer is not just enough to solve the country’s problems, actions must be taken and in few years we shall rise again. “I see a greater Nation Nigeria if we stand upright today.”

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