A golden fish, cannot hide itself, this is the story of Prophet I.O Samuel of Shiloh Word Chapel in Abuja. In a service attended by a lot of congregants on Sunday 12th, November, 2023. He asked his congregation to pray against plane crash from then till February, 2024.In the now viral video seen by our reporter he said “ The angels destroyed one plane crash, the other plane can not land. Please pray for country that start with A and end with N and also country that starts with N and ends with A. Projection on air crash has been destroyed before, let’s pray more till February” These are his prophetic words which came like a parable as it finally came to pass as people never suspected that such tragic occurrence would take place in America a country that starts with A and would involve a Nigerian National.Yesterday Saturday February 10th, was a black day all over the world as the CEO of Access Holdings died in a helicopter crash in America, involving a Nigerian a country that starts with N and ends with A.Prophet I.O Samuel, is renowned for his fervent prayers of mercy and intercession for Nigeria and also for the citizens. But like the word of Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible that says “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house” The tragic occurrence would have been averted if people had heeded the warnings and call to pray by the man of God.His prophecy that foretold the death of this illustrious Nigerian that died in a crash alongside his wife and son among many others are proven to be accurate accurate, he also foretold the penalty shoot out which gave the Super Eagles of Nigeria victory on Wednesday against the South Africans in the ongoing African cup of Nations (AFCON) The respected clergy saw a vision of Super Eagles emerging victorious in a penalty shoot out and revealed it to his congregation. On Wednesday Super Eagles defeated South Africa 4:2 via penalty.In the now viral video.

The clergyman has prayed for Presidents, Governors, top politicians and successful businessmen. According to an insider who has been following the pastor’s ministry revealed that the prophet was the one who way back in 2013 told the world that there will be a new party in Nigeria that desires change even before the formation of the All Progressives Congress (AP ) and it eventually came to pass.
Prophet I.O Samuel also revealed the unfortunate helicopter crash involving the former Vice president Yemi Osinbajo and so many numerous prophecies which has come to pass. Indeed God speaks through His servants and Prophet I.O Samuel is a servant of God and a Prophet of our time

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