Grace Nation PHDS : For You to Rise Your Light Must Come – Dr Chris Okafor… You cannot shine when Darkness kept you

In the face of light everybody can shine but it will be difficult for any one to shine when Darkness over shadow it’s destiny.

Speaking at the Mid-week Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance and Solution service of Grace Nation international aka Liberation City held at its International Headquarters in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, Senior Pastor Grace Nation world-wide Dr Chris Okafor said yokes are best described as substance that can be associated with light and darkness, He said some yokes comes informs of darkness while some comes in forms of Light.

The Generational Prophet of God as he is fondly called Teaches on the Topic Breaking the Family Yokes said if one refuses to break the yokes, the yokes will break the Person. The Man of God emphasize that family yokes if not Properly heck make move from Generation to Generation except it is tackled.

Highlighting ways to break out of Family yoke, the Apostle of altars said your Prayers and service to God in form of your commitment to the things of God is a good channel to break out of family yoke, You must also understand that your sacrifices is not to assist God but to Help you out in the days of need, therefore to break out from evil family Yoke your light must shine because if you are in Darkness the yoke keep spreading, with your Prayers and Sacrifices in the house of God move you out of darkness into Light.

The Realms of the Prophetic witness, deliverance, Healing, Restoration, Miracles and Solutions , Evil altars gave way while inherited battles disappear, fibroid melt out instantly and Miracle babies were given to awaiting mother’s.

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