Top celebrities, movie enthusiasts, entertainment dons attend ‘Reflections’ premiere at Silverbird Abuja

It was an influx of topnotch investors and practitioners of the Nigerian entertainment sector that attended the premiere of a record breaking thriller titled ‘Reflections’.

The block buster movie was premiered on Saturday, the 16th of March at the highly octane Silverbird Cinemas. From the stable of Deep End Entertainment, ‘Reflections’ is a true life story reflecting the life of a man in his fifties facing his life’s ultimate accountability. He has a split personality that chastise him for his numerous atrocities in his last hours as he reflected on his alter egos and past evil deeds, that are haunt him into self condemnation. ‘Reflections’ is full of suspense, a super thriller, an enthralling block buster well conceptualized and thoroughly directed for optimum excitement and dynamically creative entertainment stakeholders such as Paul Obazele, prominent Nollywood stars like Kelly Ogbeide the lead actress in the movie and also Nollywood veteran Iyobosa Legema including the director of ‘Reflections’ Osaretin Festus Isibor. The event was also graced by top comedians like Pikolo, Youngest Oldman and Fidel Castro among others. Senator Ned Nwoko who sent a representative, APC Deputy National Treasurer Hon. Omorede Osifo were also in attendance.

‘Reflections’ was first premiered on the 30th of December 2023 at the Deep End Cinemas Benin City, at the Vivas Cinemas Saturday feb 24th this year before hitting the Silverbird’s Cinemas last Saturday. The successful premiere of ‘Reflections’ is a testimony to the long years of research on innovatively creative movie production of the director Osaretin Festus Isibor and and Deep End Entertainment. Quite a lot of energy, creativity and innovation were unleashed on the production of ‘Reflections’ and it’s a movie that is very well set to emerge as market leader, and indomitable chart topper and an epic.
Deep End Entertainment premieres Block buster “Reflection”

REFLECTION is about a man in his mid fifties facing his ultimate accountability in his darkest mind. His split personalities would taunt and chastise him for his atrocities in his last hours as he mirrors himself against his alter ego. All his bad deeds would hunt him to self condemnation. It’s a crazy movie, full of suspense and it’s also a thriller.

On the concept of the Movie, the director Mr. Osaretin Festus Isibor said “ I just thought about a crazy idea one cool evening and remembered this guy Paul Obazele whom I’ve worked with before and every time he takes Coca Cola Coke, he gets high and he can behave certain ways and I said to myself I’m gonna write a script that will depict this guy’s character. So, I grabbed my iPad immediately. I sat up all night and wrote the script, Reflections and I am glad I did and it turned out to be a really interesting movie”.

The film recently hit the Cinemas as many fans who watched the most thrilling film gave kudos to all the actors and actress that took a role in the film, Particularly the Actors and actress that took a duo role.

One of the eye witness that Graced the Premiere of “Reflection” said a lot of energy and Ability were pushed into making the film a Blockbuster, therefore describing the work as International standard and the one that will stand the test of time.

Osaretin Festus Isibor who is the founder of Deep End Group of Companies has mostly and heavily delved into the Nigerian entertainment and hospitality industries. He is the CEO Deep End Farms, Deep End Studios, Deep End Records, Deep End Cinemas, Deep End Hotels, Deep End Fun House, Deep End Haunted House, Deep End Villa Obagie.
Osaretin Festus Isibor is a devoted businessman who is so much passionate about people’s happiness and that is why he invested majorly in the fun value chain. He is a film producer, a music expert and an overall entertainment guru.

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