It is with utmost repugnance and indeed, an insult to our shared interest, and the collective sacrifice of the majority of loyal party stakeholders/faithfuls that we beheld the All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign council list recently released.

Even when we understand that the list cannot admit everyone deserving to be there, the shabby job that was done with the deliberate exclusion of critical stakeholders of the party whose influence, sacrifice, tested passion, and political clout needed to galvanize support and ultimately, valid votes that will secure victory for the party, needs to be condemned in very strong terms.

The APC over the years, has been tainted and defamed with disparaging attributes as a party that has a very nasty, porous, and demotivating reward system where the sacrifices of loyal and faithful party men and women are never rewarded, the campaign list with some name contained therein, as released is a true representation of that brutal reality. Even when the APC prides herself as a party that gives a level playing field to all, decampees inclusive, it is odd and disheartening to see them take prominence over dedicated party Men who have kept faith with the party.

In the purported list, we saw names of persons who have never contested a councillorship election made the head of a directorate over a former senatorial candidate of our party who raised the bar in the last election and also a former state youth leader of our party like Hon. Valentine Asuen (DVD) who has built structures that the party can benefit from. We saw names of persons who decamped a few days ago given the leadership of a directorate over staunch party men. Similarly, in the media directorate, we saw a charlatan made to head the directorate over an efficient and tirelessly passionate John Mayaki. In the conventional media representation, who saw an Intellectual Hon. Paul Ohonmbamu who has faithfully remained in the party made to deputize someone who joined us a few weeks ago. The examples are countless across other very crucial directorates, local government leadership composition. It is indeed a smorgasbord of Insanity, a recipe for failure, and a total admittance of unpreparedness. How does the APC expect to win the forthcoming election when some vital positions of the campaign council are peopled by known pro-Obaseki political actors and featherweight politicians?

Furthermore, our independent investigation and findings have allegedly revealed that the mastermind of this dastardly list is none other but the Edo State APC scribe, Engr. Lawrence Okah in connivance with his cohorts. By this action, we feel strongly that this man and his rudderless political bandits do not have the best interest of the party at heart. This can best be described as a premeditated internal sabotage. The uproar that has greeted the release of the list and its composition across all directorates is a reflection of his unpopularity. We hereby demand the immediate resignation of Engr. Lawrence Okah as he has always been a clog in the wheel of progress for the party and the list jettisoned. We also demand a fresh list that will incorporate the inputs of all critical stakeholders of the Party.

In addition, the list reeks of plain vendetta against leaders of the party who Engr. Lawrence Okah considers as adversaries. It shows the deliberate suppression of viable leaders into demeaning roles as against previous roles held and outright exclusion of such influential leaders. How best can we explain making Chief Lucky Imasuen, Director of Edo South Campaign when he had served in a higher role as Director General of the Edo State APC presidential campaign council?,a former Deputy Governor who should be playing an advisory role in the campaign. What is lucky Imasuen looking for “ must it be Mr only me”.How about the out right exclusion of Hon. Osarobo from Ikpoba Okha from the list because Engr Okah don’t like his guts. There are many more examples but space would be a constrain. The point however, is that Engr. Okah regurgitated his bile, hatred and intolerance all over the purported list and it must be rejected.

The Edo 2024 election is a must-win for the APC and we will not allow suspicious elements to preside over its campaign council and also the electioneering campaigns.


Concerned APC Stakeholders
Edo South.

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Abiodun Adisa is the CEO of Applaud Multimedia Services Publisher of Applaud News Magazine and Online @www.applaudnews.com.ng

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