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Omo Majemu set to hold grand 40th birthday bash

Life really begins at 40, so goes that popular saying. Little wonder, the veritable man of God, popularly known as Omo Majemu, is in good mood as you read this. Real names, Bishop Festus Olufemi Otusanya, this rare vessel of God, through his church, True Covenant Church of God, TCCG, based in Ikorodu, is reveling in his much anticipated milestone 40th eventful years on earth, which he is planning to simultaneously celebrate with the partial commissioning of his cathedral-like church on Monday, November 16, 2020, all things being equal. Bishop Otusanya is not living anything unturned to give the event the best of life elevation to self, just as his dear wife nay biological/children are gearing to give him the happiest and colourful 40th birthday anniversary celebrations come Monday, November 16, 2020. Bishop Otusanya, since he veered into Christendom, after a blossoming career in accounting, has traversed many spheres beyond borders, and is still not relenting. If you must know, apart from his original calling as a preacher of the Word, Omo Majemu also holds sway in other areas like sports (football,) philanthropy, charity, movie production, drama, music, civil rights activism, youth empowerment, and still stands tall in other spheres of life too numerous to mention, even as he remains the undisputed youngest bishop in Nigeria. He also speaks boldly and bluntly on many national topical issues, and most of his prophesies have come to pass, and this is no hyperbole. As he plans big for his 40th, sundry adulations, encomiums and showers of blessings are daily being poured on him, in anticipation of the day. His dutiful wife, Rev. Mrs. Adedolapo Otusanya, his two equally-gifted children, immediate family members, and his church in general, are putting everything in shape, impatiently rearing to go for what God gave them as a gift to mankind. Watch out for the full details of activities lined up for the grand birthday 40th birthday of Bishop (Dr.) Prophet Fesus Olufemi Otusanya, a quintessential instrument in the hand of God created to severe the people from bondage and deliver them from the evil machinations of this sinful world. Meanwhile, in retrospect, Bishop Otusanya had earlier predicted accurately last March that there will be torrential rainfall between July and December this year, which could render many homeless and several properties destroyed; and that there is an imminent political war in the offing, which only prayers can avert, all of which, he had accordingly been intervening consciously with fervent prayers and fasting, at the instance of God, his covenant partner and creator. Omo Majemu does not mince words when it comes to predictions, and the cats and dogs rainfall in the past few weeks have been very indicative of The Covenant Child’s foretelling, little wonder whenever he sneezes on any matter spiritually, everyone catches cold.


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