Fraud: Beware Of GTBank’s Fraudulent Staff – Woman Laments Over How GTBank Staff Defrauded Her Of N600.000

Fraud: Beware Of GTBank’s Fraudulent Staff – Woman Laments Over How GTBank Staff Defrauded Her Of N600.000

A Lagos based trader, Ngozi Njoku, has accused the staff of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) in one of the branches in Lagos of defrauding her of her hard earned money while trying to assist her.

Njoku also accused GTCO of protecting an employee, as according to her, she went to the Egbe branch on March 18 to upgrade her account’s daily transfer limit when male employee asked her to use the bank app after she had explained why she was there for and what she had wanted to do.

According to her, when she told the guy that she couldn’t use the app, she was asked to drop her ATM Card and the pin so he could help her set up the account. He completed the task successfully and in the morning of the following day after she left the bank, “I received four debit alert messages totaling N600,000.00.

She said, “What I saw astounded me because nothing like it had ever happened before. “I knew it had something to do with registering the app and the man who helped me.” “After I left the bank, I didn’t use the app for any transactions.” The staff of GTCO only informed me that the app would only function after 24 hours, but 600,000k was transferred to three different people.”

Ngozi also claimed that she went back to the bank on the 22nd of March to lay a complaint and her dissatisfaction with what had happened to her, but the bank shielded the employee from her and gave her poor reasons why she couldn’t see him, saying that from what she could tell, they were attempting to protect the employee who downloaded the app for her, as he downloaded and installed the app on my phone by himself on her phone. He entered the one-time password that they sent to my phone. Because I didn’t know how to use the app, he took care of everything by himself, so, how could this fraud had happened when I hadn’t even used the phone to carry out any transactions at all?

Ngozi Njoku says she had taken the case to the Police and the police officers had asked GTCO to bring the employee who attended to her for questioning, but the bank refused. Rather, she claimed, GTCO is shielded him by claiming the order came from their headquarters. “At this point, the branch has completely removed itself from the situation.

All Ngozi’s requests for the bank to assist her in recovering her stolen money, especially when it was perpetrated by their staff, was rebuffed and so, she had to seek for assistance somewhere else, hoping that the public would help her push the Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc. GTCO to release her money to her.

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