you must remains good Ambassador of Christ- Chris Okafor

No fewer than 120 certified Trained Prophetic students of Grace Nation Bible Institute graduated today after they have gone through rigorous prophetic training by the best Teachers Supervised by the annoited servant of God Dr Chris Okafor

The student were Presented with there certificates at the special convocation ceremony held at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation(GBI) in ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria

According to the Rector of the institute they satisfy all requirements and conditions to be awarded a diploma certificate in various field of Prophetic and Bibles knowledge.

In his words of Encouragement, the President Grace Nation Bible Institute, Dr Chris Okafor remarks that he has no doubt in his mind that all the students are well trained judging by the level and capacity of all the resource Personality who lecture them, train and re training them to face any challenges that come there ways,
The Apostle of altars also challenged them to be good ambassador of the school to the outside world through soul winning to the kingdom of God

The Generational Prophet of God also remarked that as you have all learn, you must put the name of school in good repute and always ready to work for the Lord at any time

Some of the course covered at the 8weeks program includes, Evangelism and soul winning, spiritual development and Human Management to mention but few

Highlight of the convocation was the Presentation of Certificate to all the students, according to the Rector all the students perform excellently well

Earlier in his sermon, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation and the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor teach on the series , ”The Convenant Day of Settlement” said settlement comes when you fullfil all the Principles of Settlement,
the man of God said nothing come free but when you applied the principles and follow it diligently you will easily get settlement at all side

The realm of the Prophetic witness another higher dimension Prophetic movement and deliverance through the Set Man, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor, He visited many family altars and set many captives

Thefree, he also delivered people with blood-line diseases while delivering miracle babies to expectant mothers

The service came to close with a special Prayer for the Set Man, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who will be making another birthday tomorrow, 4 april 2022

From all of us Members of Dr Chris Okafor Media Friends we say a very big Happy Birthday to You sir, Long Life in Good Health In Jesus Name Amen

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