Grace Nation: Many Christians don’t know what they have-Dr Chris Okafor

Grace Nation :The Problem with Many Christians is ,They don’t Know What they Have – Dr Chris Okafor

It is a common facts that many Christians who serve God, pray and fast, even go to house of God regularly but are still stranded, walloping in poverty, why because they lack knowledge, on how to make wealth by so they belittle God in their thinking

This are the focal point of Dr chris Okafor teaching at the Sunday Glorious Service at the International Headquarters of the Church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria

The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor who Teaches on the Topic Supernatural Abundance and the Blessing remarks that the problems of Christians is that, they did not know what they have, they did not know the God they serve , he reiterated that it is the blessings of God that Make Riches saying when the blessings of God comes, it settle you in all ramification,

Don’t struggle for Gold of this world but look for God the creator of Gold which will quaranttee your wealth in Life, the Generational prophet of God, Dr Chris Okafor remarked

The realms of the Prophetic was more brutal because in Grace Nation every service is a plus for all Grace Nation faithfuls across the world even with all Liberation Television viewers,
The Apostle of altars Dr chris Okafor never leave any stone unturned as he expose the evil faces behind every evil altars of some faithful , The Man of God also visits many foundational altars, setting them on fire and setting the captive free

Highlight of the Realms of the Prophetic was the releases of 42 miracle babies, which includes 2 triplet and 8 twins by God through his servant Dr Chris Okafor to expectants mothers also some faithfuls who have been marked for death were all reversed by God through his Generational prophet Dr Chris Okafor

If you want the hand of God upon your life or you are facing any terminal disease or blood line hereditory battle their is hope for you, kindly make a date with Dr Chris Okafor come next thursday for a prophetic Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) interdinominational service at Grace Nation Headquarters in ojodu berger lagos Nigeria

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