We Aim At Promoting Non-Oil Export Trade in Nigeria – OY-ITC President, Chinedu Amadi Tells BAYELSA STATE GOVT In Yenegoa

We Aim At Promoting Non-Oil Export Trade in Nigeria – OY-ITC President, Chinedu Amadi Tells BAYELSA STATE GOVT In Yenegoa

OY-ITC is social change movement focused on promoting non oil export trade and attracting foreign direct investment into Nigeria.

The OY-ITC aim is to enhance the capacity of young entrepreneurs and women in trade through training, seminars, exhibitions and other networking activities.
This group is created to promote Trade, Commerce and Investment and the potentials opportunities in doing business by Nigerians globally.
“I am highly honored to be addressing you today as the president of the OY-ITC, the Organization of Youth in International Trade and Commerce. I humbly welcome you to the Stake holders’ forum of the OY-ITC”.

The OY-ITC, a response to activate non oil export championed by young entrepreneurs in Nigeria, was designed to showcase the creativity, productivity and competencies of Nigerian youth in trade and commerce while mentoring them for export trade and curbing youth restiveness. The OY-ITC core strategy is to, through trade shows and exhibitions, expose exclusively products and services that are made in Nigeria to the international market and for foreign direct investment opportunities.

Expectedly, the theme of this stake holder’s forum is the Role of Trade Exhibitions in Promoting Non-Oil Export Trade in Nigeria. We have assembled experienced and knowledgeable speakers with outstanding pedigree to show that non-oil export is not rocket science. All that is required is diligence from project management – producing/manufacturing, processing and to marketing.

It is expected that following the forum today, entrepreneurs would be further encouraged on the need for diversification of the Nigerian economic activities from the over dependence of oil into manufacturing, production and exportation of non-oil export products.

As the world continues to campaign for green energy, it is becoming clearer that dependence on fossil fuel globally is subsiding. Nigeria, a country that depends mainly on revenue from crude oil as her primary source of revenue, has started responding positively to promotion and growth of non oil export trade. The recent opening by NPA of a non oil export terminal in Ikorodu Lagos is symbolic towards the actualization of a diversified economy. The effort of AFDB towards food security and the recent visit of the president of AFDB to Nigeria is suggestive of the significant role of Nigeria towards food security and Agro allied products, a major component of non oil export.

For Nigeria, this OY-ITC stake holders’ forum should yield accelerated economic growth, more employment and arrest youth restiveness. It will transform Nigeria to a major commercial hub in Africa and it would be appropriate to say – the giant has awaken.

One major objective of today is to reveal to public spirited Nigerians and patriots that there are windows of sponsorship for participants at the OY-ITC events beginning with Houston ’22, the first trade mission to the USA. From July 25th to 30th, 2022; at the prestigious Houston Expo Event Centre, Houston Texas, USA beginning daily at 9am.

The membership and sponsorship opportunities are for individuals and corporate persons including cost of registration, visa processing, traveling tickets, accommodation, tours and conference materials. Patriot sponsors or civil society sponsors can sponsor any aspect of the individual or corporate participation. Sponsors will get adequate credits for sponsoring participants, who may wear the colors/logos. Windows are open for great branding opportunities at the Houston ’22 – brochures and conference papers, venue, podium, high table, draped walls, doors and walkways.

Another objective of today’s stakeholders forum is to encourage entrepreneurs to register and participate in the event scheduled to hold in Houston Texas. Registration is ongoing and the opportunity to bring your products before an international audience is right at hand.

Houston ’22 will meet the best international standards while promising glamor and high visibility to sponsors. Conceptualized as a trade show and exhibition, Houston ’22, will be made up of the following composite events – Trade Shows, Seminars, Roundtable discussions, Exhibitions, Investment tours, Road shows/ Entertainment, Networking, Recognitions & Awards. The sponsorships have been categorized to suit every pocket – Platinum; Gold; Silver; and Bronze. For details you may tweet @Houston’22; @OYITC; @youthfire or meet the Organizing Committee of Houston’22 at the foyer.

Gentlemen of the press, invited guests and our esteemed colleagues, before we conclude, permit us to use this opportunity to call on the government, big local conglomerates, the organized private sector, and the semi-formal sectors to sponsor the OY-ITC initiative in order to be seen as part of the noble effort to promote non oil export trade while curbing youth restiveness.

To all our invited guests from various agencies and private firms, God bless you for coming as we count on your support, participation, sponsorships and look forward to seeing you at the Houston Trade show come July 2022.

Yours in youth development

Chinedu Amadi
President OY-ITC

Vice President OY-ITC

Mr Patrick Ilo
GM, Television Enterprise NTA

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