Prince Fuhad Oloto Gives Out Education Accessories To Indigent Students

Prince Fuhad Oloto Gives Out Education Accessories To Indigent Students

Born in royalty and one of the most successful businessmen of Nigeria’s younger generation, Prince Fuhad Oloto, the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Futol Group of Companies comprising Futol Homes, Futol Environmental Services, Futol Hotels, Futol Guards Ltd. and Futol Logistics is set to empower indigent students with educational accessories. While briefing High Celebrity Squard Magazine on this noble step, the imperial prince affirmed that he has been doing this for many years and he is never inspired by anything to venture into it.

Prince Oloto added that he is of the opinion that the Almighty God that blesses humanity expects reciprocal approach in return. This implies that privileged ones should imbibe the culture of giving back to the underprivileged.

The real estate giant will give out large numbers of note books and GCE Forms to indigent primary and secondary school students and this will go a long way in relieving the heavy burden of parents, many of whom are currently at crossroads over payments of school fees and purchase of these academic essentials. However, lucky beneficiaries of these materials will appreciate the kind gestures of Prince FuHad Oloto. Additionally, this humanitarian move by the successful business tycoon is a pointer for other privileged Nigerians to take a cure from him and take critical look into the plight of the poor masses, help in alleviating poverty from the country and exterminating illiteracy from the larger society. Remarkable kudos to this indefatigable, indomitable, committed philanthropist and a man of the people, Prince FuHad Oloto.

Quadri Olowolagba
Media Director,
Squard Media PR.

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