2023: Vote Wisely and Vote for Competence, Your Destiny is in Your Hand – Dr Chris Okafor

  • It is illegal for God to show up without Invitation
  • Not My Head Not my Blood Family Liberation Conference Begins Sept 28

World renowned Prophet and Lead Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor have again reminded Nigerians to vote wisely and ensure that a competence Candidate win the 2023 Presidential Election come 2023 General Election

Speaking at the midweek Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance and solution service at the international Headquarters of the Church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria, the popular lagos prophet advises Nigerians that this is the best time for them to plan for the next four year weather to be good or bad, in order to avoid same experience of what the Nation is going through now, I think it is better we advice Nigerians to vote wisely for a better Nigeria.

In his Sermon, The Generational Prophet of God as he is fondly called by Faithfuls with the Topic, “The Power In The Blood” explained that the power in the blood cannot be quantify, the power in the blood speaks breakthrough, deliverance, Prosperity and many more, In as much has you understands the principles to be used to deploy the power, you are cover even with the convenant of the power in the blood

Dr okafor emphasised that as a convenant persons you are privileged to deploy the power in the blood to fight your battles, because the bible remarked that when I see the blood I passover, therefore it is the blood that make atonement for sin.

The blood is very powerful over all things, the blood can protect it can also delivered, this is why in some cases, it is illegal for God to show up in some cases except he is invited, God is everywhere but he does not manifest everywhere, this is the reason why, when you understand the principle of convenant and how its work, Therefore to deploy the blood to work in your favour become so easy.

The Realms of the Prophetic witness supernatural Healings, Deliverance and many instants miracles through the servant of God Dr Chris Okafor.
Evil altars were exposed, lawful captive freed, while miracle babies released everywhere, Many misery were demystify and untimely death cancelled.

Meanwhile the annual Prophetic family Liberation conference Not My Head Not My Blood is schedule to begins on the 28th September – 2nd October 2022 at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation at Plot 4-8 Liberation Close, oshofisan street off Edozie by Ereke Bus Stop Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria
This is another opportunity for those who wants to Encounter Jesus in there life and also witness the Raw power of Elohim, if you want breakthrough, or want marriage, Deliverance of any kind or you want to make money through Jesus Christ, Join Dr Chris Okafor begining from 28th September 2022, your life will not remain the same, Shilom

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