Rejected Nominees: We Can’t Be Intimidated, Lagos Assembly Declares

Rejected Nominees: We Can’t Be Intimidated, Lagos Assembly Declares

  • says there are plans to attack Speaker Obasa, lawmakers
  • says no rift between Governor and Speaker

The Lagos State House of Assembly on Monday revealed that there are plans by some people to attack Speaker Mudashiru Obasa and other lawmakers over the recent screening and rejection of some cabinet nominees sent by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The House, however, said its action concerning the nominees was in tandem with the constitution, which stipulates its responsibilities and, as such, would not succumb to threats and intimidations, including planned sponsored protests and analysis by some civil society groups and activists.

It also said it had refrained itself from revealing all that it discovered during the screening of the nominees while warning that “those who live in glass houses should be conscious not to throw stones.”

“Before today, I had been reliably informed of the plan to attack the Speaker based on the decision of the House concerning the nominees of the Governor, particularly the rejected ones,” Dr. Obasa said during plenary adding that he had been inundated with calls from people and members of the House.

The Speaker stressed that the House does not have any fight with Sanwo-Olu or the executive arm as projected by some people, who may not be aware of the actual reasons for the rejection of the nominees.

“There is this erroneous belief that we are waging war against the Governor. There is no basis for me and the House to fight the Governor. I will continue to say that the Governor is a brother and colleague in the Lagos project and service to the people of our State.

“The Governor and I have been around in the system for long. While he was SA to the former Deputy Governor, Femi Pedro, I was in this House as chairman, Committee on Rural Development. He was SA on Establishment and Pensions and I was chairman, House Committee on Public Accounts (Local Governments). While he was heading LSDPC, I was chairman, Committee on Economic Planning and Budget. Then, I became the Speaker and when he became the Governor, I remained the Speaker. So it’s been a long journey together.

“But I wonder why anytime the House says no to a particular request of the Governor, it is taken by some people to mean there is a fight with the Governor. This House has passed so many resolutions that the executive arm refused to carry out, but people don’t see that as something to talk about and the House does not raise eyebrows. So I don’t know what brings the erroneous belief that the House is fighting the Governor, who is our brother and who we will continue to work with.

“However, we have a constitutional responsibility. Just as the Governor has the responsibility to inform the House about his nominees, the House has the responsibility to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ which we have exercised by confirming some and denying some and we have our reasons for saying ‘no’ to some of the nominees.

“The House, as a body, has refrained itself from exposing what it discovered during the screening exercise and we are not going to be forced to spill to the public,” Dr. Obasa said.

Concerning the rejection of Prof. Akin Ababyomi, former health commissioner, Obasa said considerations went beyond his efforts in the fight against COVID-19 which he described as an isolated issue in the challenged health sector of the State.

“Before Prof. Abayomi, there were Leke Pitan, Dr. Jide Idris and others. COVID-19 was an isolated case that was considered. Before COVID-19, we had Ebola which was also taken care of under Babatunde Fashola.

“Beyond all these, we are the representatives of the people, their mouthpieces, eyes and ears. The health sector of Lagos is not just about COVID-19. We have general hospitals and other health care centres around the State. What can be said about them?

“Before Engineer Aramide Adeyoye, we also had Engineer Ganiyu Johnson and Dr. Obafemi Hamzat as Commissioner for Works and under whom the Ikoyi-Victoria Island link bridge was built while Babatunde Fashola was Governor. Under Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as Governor, there was masaive infrastructural development too.

“So we must stop making allusions concerning somethings we do not understand. They mentioned the former Commissioner for Information, Gbenga Omotosho Engineer Ganiyu Johnson and his experience. But how about actions in office?” Obasa asked.

The Speaker added that as a politician whose party is in power, the priority of those in government should be the interest of the people.

He urged those planning to sponsor actions against the House to realise that protests and sponsored articles would not make the House rescind its decision.

“The civil society that is threatening to protest should do so because it is a constitutional right. But we are not going to be threatened or intimidated. We have said no, but if there is a convincing or germane reason for us to reverse our decision, we will, but not by threats.

“It is because we are successful as politicians that is why the technocrats are being appointed. And to our own estimation, if they have not done well, we have right to say no and we have said no.

“We don’t want instigations and conflicts, the executive and the House are working together; we are brothers and colleagues; we will continue to work together but we need to caution fourth columnists not to instigate crisis. And those that are living in glass houses need to be careful,” he warned.

Eromosele Ebhomele
Media Assistant to the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

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