For those who have been missing the Kennery music enigma, Dr. Orlando Owoh’s lyrical prowess since leaving the planet earth on the 4th of November 2008, a new breed of his artistic gene has finally landed. He is no one else than Adedayo Adediran popularly known as Dayo Pet.

Endowed with uncommon lyrical powers, a rare artistic flare, jaw dropping sonorous and velvet voice so similar with that of the departed legend and an aesthetically oriented array of percussionists and other artistically endowed instrumentalists, Dayo Pet is surely breaking new grounds in the Nigerian and indeed, global music spheres.

Some of the albums in his kitty include Master Piece which was released in 2003 with tracks like Kateteronu, Talent Orin, Ijo Ya and Master Piece. The others are Divine Declaration in 2008 which has fascinating tracks like Adura Fun Jerusalem, Egungun Nla Tide, Ololufe Mi, Alagbaro while the third album with tracks like Je Awokose Rere, Kuru Kere, Mura Wise, Osu Dede and his forth album which has high standard tracks like Imole De, Ore Madale and Ayanmo are all making strong waves in the Nigerian entertainment market. He also has many live performances that are gaining strong grounds in the country’s musical firmament.

The Ibadan born creative thinker is filled with humongous passion for music, most especially his chosen genre derived from his intuitive believe in core innovative artistry and delivery. Dayo Pet has been in entertainment since 1990 greatly inspired by his church and as at the time of this report, he has four albums to his credit.

A deep listening and assimilation of his music reveal his creative ingenuity and artistic flow which he infused massively for the optimum satisfaction of his fans and listeners all over the globe. To genuine lovers of deep rooted traditional music as orchestrated by his role model, the late Orlando Owoh, Dayo Pet has extremely laid a philosophical platform for absolute funfair and alluring entertainment. Kudos should be accorded this titanic songbird with a vivid flare for creativity and fluidity in his musical complexity. His lyrics has attracted worthy commendations from different sectors of the global entertainment space, paving ways for the influx of remarkable accolades, honours and appraisals. As a matter of fact, Dayo Pet remains the last man standing in the deep Afro Calypso genre of music blended with a distinctive and talismanic flair of juju and highlife, completing an all-round musical balance.

It is however, a noteworthy experience to arrive on the fact that Dayo Pet has proven his mettle in the Nigerian music space more especially in the South West where he has performed greatly to the amazement and satisfaction of those who have had the rare privilege of attending any of his shows, purchasing his albums, listening to his songs on radio and perhaps, viewing his performances on TV. It is of definite assurance that Dayo Pet is here to stay in the Nigerian entertainment cycle, dominate the musical airspace and clinch more awards and accolades as a result of his unflinching determination to produce the best of qualitative music couples with his massive flair for exquisite forms of entertainment.

His music is for the discerning mind, it’s for the matured upwardly mobile gents and ladies who yearn for optimum fun. His albums and live songs are available on music stores and on online platforms. So, for your next engagement, do not hesitate to call on Dayo Pet and be rest assured that your guests will forever remind you of such a wonderful and indelible day.

by Bunmi Orija

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