Spain Mighty Visitation: For Visitation to Happen, The Hand of The Lord Must be Involved – Dr Chris Okafor

Spain Mighty Visitation: For Visitation to Happen, The Hand of The Lord Must be Involved – Dr Chris Okafor

…. Power change hands at Almeria Spain as Mighty Visitation conference begins

The Chris Okafor world outreach ministry COWOM train has landed in Almeria Spain with the Mighty Visitation conference aimed at the Liberating of Families and crossing them to the other side of Mighty Visitation.

Welcoming Participants to the three days Power Packed Prophetic conference, The Convener of COWOM and Senior Pastor Grace Nation international aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor assures all Participants to make good use of the opportunity the conference will provide saying whenever elohim comes to Town with Mighty Visitation anything can happen, The Generational prophet of God said elohim is known for leaving a footprint of breakthrough behind in wherever he visits, he said it’s now left for the People to make their request and hoping that after the three days program, whatever they have been praying for God to do in their life will manifest with an evidence to show.

Speaking on the Topic Let us Cross to the other side for a Visitation, The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said for you to cross over for a mighty Visitation, you must first understand the working of the spirit, the man of God said for Visitation to happen the hand of the lord must be involved and for God have to be involved,you must invite him through Prayers, because God will not show up where he is not invited, hence you must understand how to deployed prayers as a tool to seek the face of God in your life,

For you to cross over, you need someone to direct you and this is where the importance of a prophet is established, God will not do anything to anyone without the involvement of a prophet, a prophet stand as an intermediary, he hears directly from God and give you instructions on how to cross over for a mighty Visitation. Therefore for you to Cross over to the other side of Glory, a mighty Hand of God Must be involved.

Power change hand with mind blowing deliverance, healing, miracle and solution on day 1 of the Almeria Spain invasion of the Mighty Visitation conference, Different kind of miracles took place, altars keeping people’s glory were destroyed, documents were released to people who are still waiting for there permit, while medically proven incurable disease received Holy Ghost fire and were delivered and healed instantly.

The Spain Mighty Visitation conference continues on 12 September 2023 at same Venue and Time in Almeria Spain, join the Generational prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at Day 2 of the conference and your life will never remain the same

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