Attempts To Blackmail An Innocent Man Of God, Dr. Chris Okafor Uncovered As Faded-away Actress Doris Ogala, Cohort On A Failed Mission.

Attempts To Blackmail An Innocent Man Of God, Dr. Chris Okafor Uncovered As Faded-away Actress Doris Ogala, Cohort On A Failed Mission.

The attention of an anonymous and a loyalist to Dr. Okafor has been drawn to plans by some elements of devil known as blackmailers whose their ring leader/master planner is that faded-away and forgotten harlot called actress Doris Ogala whose Instagram handle is dorisogala has been trying to extort and blackmail an innocent man of God. Dr. Chris Okafor with spurious allegations, and cooked up documents/statement on her social media handles.

It is a known fact as one rises, detractors will try to pull one down. But God says in the Holy Bible
“… they plot and plan, and God too plans; but the best of planners is God.”

This handsome yellow pawpaw small but mighty man of God Dr. Chris Okafor has truly proven that indeed, a true man of God can work relentlessly and tirelessly, and any attempt to ridicule him will fail , as good will always triumph over evil.

The plans by harlot, dangerous and fraudulent Doris Ogala and her increasing cohorts, will definitely fail, and Dr. Chris Okafor has not, and will not succumb to blackmail

Reasons the scripture says… “An idle hands will be a devil workshop”

Having listened to your Instagram show on Tuesday 2nd of April 2024 where Doris Ogala and her co-travellers alleged Dr.Chris Okafor collected money on her behalf via his account was a pathological lies emanating from the pit of hell as there was no element of truth in Doris purported claimed on her show.

As a matter of fact this nonsensical/madness must stop with immediate effect.

The same Doris Ogala who once and sometimes believed in the calling of the Man of God, or as she forgotten so quickly how the open-minded man of God whom she’s pointing an accusing finger to Dr. Chris Okafor has helped/covered her shame? some years back when she dupped someone in far away America in which Dr. Okafor appealed also preached to her to desist and amend her way from defrauding people

Guess you remember how Doris Ogala recently blackmailed Prophet Omoto Fufuye in which Dr. Chris Okafor warned her to amend her ways and stop blackmailing men of God instead of Doris Ogala to yielded to Okafor’s privileged advice she turned a deaf-ear as she propelled the same war waging against an innocent man of God. I see this as a failed attempt to blackmail an easygoing award-winning man of God.
Failure to desist or any further attempts may lead to law sanctions as I demand an unreserved apology to the man of God which should be published inside two national daily newspaper as fast as possible, otherwise many of your hidden fraudulent act will be publish in part 2 of your scandalous Activities…


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