Birthday Galore! Dr. Chris Okafor The Generational Prophet of God, My Father, Happy Birthday Sir~By Sunday Adeyemi

Birthday Galore! Dr.

Chris Okafor The Generational Prophet of God, My Father, Happy Birthday Sir
~By Sunday Adeyemi

I wish to felicitate with the generational Prophet of God, a very handsome man of God, the man called Dr. Chris Okafor that I know very well in My own way; an easygoing young man, very humble and quiet as he remains one of the longest standing mentor, and spiritual father who I usually addressed as My Daddy The Oracle of God.

Sincerely, am immensely blessed to have him as a father, mentor in steadfastness, courage and service to God and man. He has been an inspiration and a handy book in the very essence of philanthropy to the good people around him. it does not stop there as he extended this hand of Philanthropical gesture across to his immediate community and the country at large.

Without mincing words sir, you’re a great phenomenon who has contributed your best in building a just, virile and egalitarian Lagos in the area of spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ, Encouraging gospel artist, Players in the entertainment, education, infrastructure, security sector amongst others.

As you added a year of peaceful existence on earth today Thursday 4th of April 2024 I pray that God Almighty will uphold you and grant you long life to reap bountifully the fruits of your good labour in sound health and abundance of God’s grace.

You deserve all happiness and joy because you’re a true genuine man of God whose words matches his action.

A man full of empathy and milk of human kindness as you always stand for what you believe in the best interest of the masses and people around you.

Your headstrong approach and passion to achieve what you set out to do are so remarkable and truly inspirational.

You have guided many of us all in the right direction and motivated us to do our very best, as I can boldly tells the whole world that you have proven yourself to be a leader of high ethics and morality.

Permit me to say this again You’re a leader per Excellent, a role model and a competent mentorship. God has assigned and chosen you already as one of the best philanthropist across the nation.

As a matter of fact, looking at your antecedents no one can say who are you in today’s generation within our jurisdictions.

Guess you know? You’ve wrote a solid history book that can never be erased as a good philanthropist, your records can never be overemphasized in christian-dom as one of the vibrant resourceful, quintessential humanitarian young man whom God has used tremendously for signs and wonders.

Sir, you have celebrated many in the past, now your turn to be celebrated.

I therefore celebrate you today, on the occasion of your birthday.

Sir, you’re no doubt a leader per excellence, a man of honour, respect and a caring father and personality who wishes the best for all and sundry.

May all the good things your heart desires be yours.

May you never have a better yesterday sir.

May all your efforts be rewarded accordingly. Amen!

I therefore joins family, friends, Grace Nation citizen’s world wide and co-labourer to celebrate an intelligent, resourceful and giant stride father.

A father whose dedication to the cause of his community, Lagos State and that of humanity has remained unparalleled and inflexible.

Congratulations and best wishes sir!
Your Son and Media Assistant Sunday Adeyemi

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