Dear Esteemed Citizens of Nigeria,

As concerned citizens and representatives of the Dwellers of Coastal and Waterways Communities of Africa (DCWCA), our hearts weigh heavy with concern for the safety and security of our beloved nation, particularly in Rivers State. Recent developments have seen allover the internet news online a troubling plot that threatens to undermine the peace and stability painstakingly built by our coastal communities.

We are gravely disturbed by reports indicating a sinister scheme aimed at disrupting the commendable efforts of Royal Fouchee Security Limited, spearheaded by the esteemed Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari. It pains us deeply to learn that the very guardians of our security, the Nigeria Security Agencies, are allegedly orchestrating an assault on the dedicated workers of Royal Fouchee Security Agency and other private security entities in Rivers State.

In this hour of uncertainty, we turn our eyes to the highest office of the land, the esteemed President of Nigeria, with an impassioned plea for intervention. Mr. President, we beseech you to heed our call and use your authority to halt any actions that may endanger the lives and well-being of our coastal citizens. Your decisive action is imperative in preventing further escalation of tensions and preserving the peace that is the lifeblood of our coastal communities.

While we cannot definitively prove the political undertones behind these alarming developments, the whispers of suspicion linger in the air. It is incumbent upon our leaders to rise above partisan interests and prioritize the safety and security of every Nigerian, particularly those in our coastal regions who are vulnerable to various challenges.

Let us not forget the lessons of our past, where political differences were allowed to sow seeds of discord and division among our coastal brethren. Instead, let us unite in solidarity, transcending political boundaries to safeguard the sanctity of our democracy and the welfare of our coastal people.

Mr. President, we implore you to intervene swiftly and decisively, sending a clear message that the security and well-being of every coastal Nigerian is non-negotiable. Your actions today will shape the destiny of our nation and reaffirm our collective commitment to peace, unity, and progress.

With unwavering hope and trust in your leadership,

Dwellers of Coastal and Waterways Communities of Africa (DCWCA)
[Tom Inko-Tariah ACI arb

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