Nigerian Police Band, Army Band, Grace Nation Mighty Men Celebrates Dr Chris Okafor at Special Birthday Celebration and Thanksgiving service in Lagos

…. Thanking God is a Proof that you appreciate him – Dr Chris Okafor

It was a night to remembered on 28th April 2024 at the international Headquarters of Grace Nation world-wide in Lagos State Nigeria where Sons and Daughters of The Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor gathered to Celebrate him with various Gifts amid special thanksgiving service.

The Nigeria Police Force Band alongside the Nigeria Army band Perform to the delight of every one at the service.

Special cake was cut with various paparazzi to make the day a remarkable one.

Dr Chris Okafor added one year on 4th April 2024, the special celebration and thanksgiving service was held on the 28th April 2024.

The Mighty Men and Women of Grace Nation Presented a Range Sport SUV Car gift was presented to the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor at the Fora, Lots of gifts items were Presented to the Birthday Professor.

Earlier in his Sermon with topic The Characters of Thanksgiving, the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor said Appreciating and thanksgiving is an application for more, when you give thanks, you are telling God, you are humble and trustworthy to get more from him, he said the place of Thanksgiving as it relates to the blessings of God cannot be overemphasized.

Speaking on the Important of Thanksgiving and Appreciating God, the Generational Prophet of God said Appreciating and thanksgiving is a Proof of Humility, he said when you show God that you are appreciative of the blessings you receive from him, make God to trust you with More blessing.

The Popular Lagos Clergyman also remarked that Appreciating and thanksgiving is a Proof of kindness and Generosity.
A kind man will Always show appreciation, No matter how small or big the blessing is.

Furthermore the Man of God said Appreciating and giving thanks is a Proof of Honesty, when you are honest with God in all your commitment, Such Person is bound to receive more blessings from God.

The Problem many people faces is the ability to Say thanks you, when you understand the Principles and phenomenon of Thanksgiving everything will Work in your favour says the Generational Prophet of God Dr Chris Okafor.

The Realms of the Prophetic witness deliverance, Healing, Restoration, Miracles and Solutions.

The Mighty Hand of Elohim came down with various Miracles, Miracles Babies release to awaiting mother’s among many .

It will be recalled that Dr Chris Okafor remains one of the Prominent Man of God across the Globe with Accurate Prophecy and Humanitarian gesture that Carter for widows and the less privilege in the Society.

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